Meghan began having some difficulty with her facial muscles (slurred speech) and balance in early March. She was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center where it was determined that the cancer had spread to her meninges, brain stem and spinal column. She received 20 radiation treatments to those areas at UCSF Medical Center. This treatment was directed at stopping or slowing the progression of the nerve damage/paralysis caused by the cancer.



After the exhausting 20 treatments at UCSF, Meghan took a trip to Kona, Hawaii with her family in mid-April. This was a spur of the moment trip that Meghan was determined to take and share with those she loves. With the help of her family, she was able to spend 9 beautiful days at a beach house in Kona. She was joined by her partner Sally, her buddy Tracey, her twin brother Sean and his girlfriend Alaina, Meg’s older brother Jackson, his wife Jennifer, their four kids John, Jade, Jordan and Janell, and Meg’s mom and her husband John. Meghan was able to serve as the Maid of Honor for her mother who married her wonderful fiancé, John; this was so special to Meghan, because she is so happy to know that her mother has found someone to share the rest of her life with.

Meghan was extremely tired while in Hawaii, and was only able to leave the house to go to the beach on a few occasions; the radiation treatments really wore her out. That didn’t really matter though, because the house was a paradise – right on the beach with a pool and her whole family there. Meghan WAS able to take a boat trip out to swim with the dolphins. This was an incredibly healing experience for Meghan; the energy from the dolphins was strong, and Meghan felt empowered by the dolphins. It was an unforgettable experience! With, sun, sand, ocean, dolphins and a wedding… what an amazing trip they all had!

After Meghan returned from Hawaii, she was revitalized! She took daily trips down to Chrissy Field to play with her dog Terra, and would have frequent lunches with her dad at their favorite lunch spot, Houston’s.



In May, Meg took a few trips down south to visit with family and enjoy the Southern California weather and even saw Ziggy Marley at an outdoor concert (one of her 2007 resolutions). She also made a visit to her doctor in Los Angeles on May 3rd. Unfortunately, he confirmed Meghan’s SF doctor’s opinion by stating that there is nothing more that is medically available to Meghan for her condition. He recommended that she contact Hospice, and simply focus on enjoying the quality of the life she has remaining.


JUNE 2007:

In early June, her condition worsened; she lost more strength in her arms and legs and began experiencing more difficulty with her balance. She now requires assistance going up or down stairs and sometimes even getting around the house. She had planned to go to Mexico with Sally to celebrate a good friend’s 40th birthday, but because she was feeling so weak, they had to cancel the trip last minute.

Since June 10th, Meghan has been back up in San Francisco at the Laurel Street House. Her Aunt Mary Ann is hanging out with her and taking care of her Monday through Wednesday (while Sally works her part-time schedule), and Sally is with her Thursday through Sunday. Some days are better than others. She recently walked down the street to get a pedicure with her Aunt Mary Ann, and is still having weekly lunches at Houston’s with her dad.



You all know that Meghan is a stubborn Taurus, and she is still fighting this disease like a champ; the doctors initially (2 years ago) gave her 3-6 months to live. She has already achieved a MIRACLE!! Meghan continually holds firm on her belief that “love is all that matters!” We all need to take this opportunity to appreciate the quality of life we have, and/or make an effort to improve the quality of the time we spend. The BEST way to spend your time is to be with those you love, including Meghan!! She loves having visitors, but not too many at once, so if you are interested in swinging by the house to see her, just shoot me an email (, or call the home phone (415) 921-4450.

Please note that emails or phone calls directly to her are usually not returned, due to her sporadic message checking.

On a good day, Meg can be persuaded to go to the park and sit in the sun, go out to eat, get a mani/pedi, or do the floatation tanks at Float Matrix. On other days, she enjoys having visitors come to the house to simply “be” and let her know they care about her. She does not need to be entertained or catered to, just be around people who love her. Oh yeah, she still has a ravenous appetite and welcomes people to bring her food, but it is certainly NOT necessary!

Thank you all so much for all your love and support through this crazy time!