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The medical status of her disease as of July 2006 is that she has two new tumors in her brain, and the melanoma in her body is spreading faster than doctors recently thought. She has found palpable “lumps” in her breast, thigh, neck, chin, cheek and wrist. Her oncologist, Dr. Garrett Smith, prescribed another round of chemo in July, and wants Meg to undergo another Gamma Knife radiation surgery (this will be her 3rd), which is scheduled for August 28, 2006. If Meghan’s brain “remains stable” for four weeks after the surgery, she is headed to Los Angeles to participate in a new Melanoma antibody trial, which has had some promising results. If the brain does not “remain stable,” Meg will not qualify for the study, but she will seek further alternative healing from John of God in Brazil (she will go to see him again even if she get’s into the trial).