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On August 25, 2006, Meghan started the Xango 21 DAY CHALLENGE. The challenge requires Meg to drink one 25 oz. bottle of Xango (mangosteen) juice every day along with 1 gallon of spring water for 21 days in a row. She can eat her normal diet when doing the challenge. There are impressive (full remission) testimonials regarding the 21 Day Challenge’s effects on Stage IV Melanoma. The juice has already started “working,” as Meg reports that she certainly feels it going into her symptomatic areas and “shaking things up.” Thanks to Eleanor and Sally for the cases of Xango juice!\r\n\r\nFUNDRAISER – SEPTEMBER 23, 2006 AT STRAY BAR, SF:\r\nMeghan’s SF friends have pooled together their resources to hold a fundraiser for her at the Stray Bar in Bernal Heights, SF. Karen Opp, who just purchased the bar (and helped Meg buy her first surfboard) is putting a whole lot of energy into making the fundraiser into a fun and successful event! There will be drink specials, awesome raffle prizes, a live D.J. and fun for all


What: Fundraiser for Meghan’s Healing Journey (to raise money for her alternative healing modalities and for travel required for alternative and traditional therapies)

When: Sept. 23, 2006 – 7:00 p.m.

Where: Stray Bar SF – 309 Courtland Street, SF

Who: Friends/supporters of Meg


Meghan has planned an 11-day healing retreat for September 10-21 at Rio Caliente near Guadalajara, Mexico. She plans to meditate, do yoga, hike, receive massages and other healing treatments and soak in the mineral springs (which are heated by the nearby volcano). She will hopefully be “blogging” all of her friends to tell them about her healing at RC. Thanks to Dr. Hart, Dr. Keller, Sally and Misako for making this trip possible!


Meghan, after completing the 21 Day Xango Challenge, will begin a very strict NO SUGAR regiment. This protocol was designed by Angelica Austin from Los Angeles, who specializes in cancer nutrition and rehabilitation. This means no sugar, no fruit, no anything with any amount of sugar in it. Basically, she will be eating a whole LOT of veggies, nuts and legumes. The purpose of this strict diet is to change Meghan’s body to an alkaline state; cancer cannot live in an alkaline atmosphere, but it thrives in an acidic body (which is the result of sugar consumption). Meghan will need all of her friends’ support in helping her stay on track with this! To lend her support, Meg’s partner Sally (a known sugar addict) is going to do the regiment as well. Now that’s LOVE!

Some of the GREAT things that Meghan has discovered during this journey.

They are really all just different versions of LOVE: (1) Terra – Meg’s best friend and snuggly little Miniature Pincer that she rescued on a trip to visit family in LA; (2) Surfing – It is Meg’s new “love,” and she is quite the shredder out in the water; (3) Family – This difficult time has brought Meg and her family (most of who are in LA) MUCH closer together; (4) Self – Meg has learned that the most important thing for everyone is to LOVE YOURSELF! She knows that her true healing source will come from within herself!

Meg’s new favorite pastime.

This summer, with the help of some wonderful friends, Meghan took up SURFING!!! She instantly fell in love with the sport. She had surfed a few times while on vacation with Sally in Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica, but she is now officially ADDICTED! She was doing about three weekly dawn patrol surf sessions earlier this summer, but her healers told her she needs to be mindful of her body, and get rest when she needs it. She has now been resting more, but she still gets out in the chilly Pacific for a session every week or two.


JOHN OF GOD: She went to see John of God in Brazil in February, which was probably the most profound element of her healing process to date. Thanks to her cousin Jason for donating the 80,000 airline miles to get there! She is planning another trip for October or November to see John of God.

SKYDIVING: She did it!! She jumped from 14,000 feet with some of her good friends (Sally, Kristine, Bill and Tina). She did not hesitate for one second in taking that leap of faith. There is nothing this girl can’t do!

HALF-MARATHON: Due to instructions from John of God, Meghan has not been able to train for this event in the first half of the year, but she is hoping for an opportunity to run 13.1 miles later this year.

LIVE HAPPY AND HEALTHY THROUGH 2006: She is doing it so far with a vengeance!! With all of your help and support, she will be making the same resolution for 2007!!